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Hatch’s second month

August 8, 2012

This is going to be another photo heavy post to get us caught up.  July absolutely flew by.  I took the NCLEX (the test to become a nurse), at the end of July, so we spent several weekends in early July up at my parents house so that we could get help with childcare while I attempted to study.  Generally, there was a lot of studying, a lot of breastfeeding, and a little bit more of a return to normal life (plus baby).

My parents live right by a lake, so we also took him for his first lake adventure.  You can see he was really happy about it.  It was over 100 one of the weekends we were up there, so he spent a lot of time passed out in the air conditioned house.

I’m not going to lie.  I posted those last two pictures in part because my boobs look good.  As someone who never had boobs pre baby their existence is kind of exciting.  I’m pretty sure Hatch is going for them in the first picture (notice the hand on my shirt).

This is Hatch getting weighed at his last midwifery appointment.  He was 11#2oz at the appointment, but I was really nervous before she saw us because P thought it was really fun to weigh Hatch at my parents house on their scale, which said he was somewhere around 10 pounds.  While I know better than to trust a home scale, if he’d only been ten pounds that would have indicated that something was either wrong with him or with breastfeeding, so I was holding my breath for a good number.  Of course he seemed perfectly healthy the whole time, so everyone thought I was being crazy.

My mom watched Hatch while I was taking NCLEX (which I passed!).  After the craziness of the test, we went out to lunch at Fish in Marin, had wine by the water, and went to the Heath Ceramics factory, where I bought a few small bowls (my first Heath items), as a post-NCLEX gift to myself.

One of my favorite bay area things that we’ve taken advantage of this summer is all of the food trucks.  The creme brulee above is from a food truck that serves only that.  While going out to eat with a baby is a little overwhelming right now, eating at food trucks is perfect.  We don’t have to cook, we can get out of the house, but nobody can really complain too much if your baby is crying in a parking lot.  We’ve been going to Off the Grid (a group of food trucks) in Alameda every Saturday for lunch and then taking a long walk on the beach.

One of the best things that happened in the second month is that Hatch actually smiles now.  Real smiles in response to things like: having Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” sung to him, dancing, and seeing P and I first thing in the morning (although we sleep with him so it’s not like a novelty to see us, he is a very happy boy at around 6 am).



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