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Summer Vacation

August 23, 2012

P, Hatch, and I spent last week with my family in Sunriver, Oregon.  Sunriver is a strange little town in eastern Oregon, built around a resort, but is perfect for families as you can get everywhere on their extensive bike paths and there are tons of outdoor activities.  It’s also about 20 minutes away from Bend, which is near the top of my list of cool midsized towns.

There is a river you can walk to from anywhere in Sunriver.  It’s great for swimming (and illegally bridge jumping).

While Sunriver normally has perfect summer weather, like everywhere else it was experiencing a crazy heat wave last week.  Hatch doesn’t do very well in hot weather, and while I love our Ergo carrier it makes us both a sweaty mess when it’s hot out, so I was somewhat limited in what I could do.  I also realized after booking the trip that babies can’t ride on bikes (why this didn’t occur to me sooner, I’m not sure), which meant less bike-riding than normal for me.  Despite that, we managed to fit in a lot of fun and with all the hands around to help with Hatch, P and I actually got to go on a few solo bike rides and trips into Bend.

One of my favorite things we did was a beautiful hike near Sisters, OR along the Metolius River.  We started upstream and hiked past these springs coming out of the side of the hill, rapids, and ended up at a funky old fish hatchery.  It was a relatively easy hike, but five miles on a hot day carrying a sweaty baby and I was pretty beat afterward.  We’d planned to hike to a waterfall later that day and instead we ended up getting lunch and stopping at a distillery (my sisters drank, and P and I had little sips and got a bottle of gin to take home).

The other favorite thing we did (besides lots of quality time with family), was checking out the Bend breweries and BrewFest.  The last time I went to Sunriver I was in high school, and either the quantity of breweries has drastically increased in the last 12 or so years, or I’m just paying more attention now.  Either way, we had a good time checking out a few of them.  Besides Deschutes, which is always great, we loved 10 Barrel.  If I had to pick, I’d go to 10 Barrel, if only because we can’t get their beer home.

Also, 10 Barrel brews sours (my favorite!).

I should also mention that after drinking at the BeerFest, I ran a 5k.  I’m not sure why I thought that it was a good idea that the first time I ran in nine months should be a race after drinking for several hours, but that’s what I did.  Towards the end I walked for a minute and sent P a text telling him I was dying.  His auto-corrected response: “Hatch is cheating you on,” which I read as “Hatch is cheating on you.”  Exactly the motivation I needed to finish (my cousin’s four-year-old running the last quarter mile or so with me also helped).

We’d timed it so that I had pumped milk for Hatch during the BeerFest, but sobered up by race time and could feed him afterwards. I’m pretty sure it was some extra salty, sweaty milk.  Also, doesn’t my head look like it could pop?  I passed on the post-race beer.

On the way home we stopped at Crater Lake and the Rogue River for short hikes.  Both are beautiful and highly recommended, although Crater Lake gave me major vertigo.

My sisters and I clutching the rock with super human strength due to our fear of heights.

The place we stopped along the Rogue was strange, but fun.  It’s actually a paved path that starts by a really pretty small waterfall, goes along the river for about a half-mile, and ends up at an ice cream stand in the middle of the woods.

My dad is having trouble sharing in this picture, while my mom is excited to have finally found something huckleberry flavored to fulfill her trip-long craving.

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