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My last week as a stay at home mom

September 19, 2012

Next week I start my midwifery program.  I went to a mom and baby yoga class this morning and at the end we talked about how our heart is feeling (some of you are rolling your eyes I’m sure).  But I have to say that it was nice to say out loud that while I’m excited about school and I think it will be the best thing for our family, my heart is really sad about leaving Hatch.  It’s a kind of sad that I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around.  I was at the chiropractor last night for my first real adjustment since Hatch was born and it felt so strange lying on the table without a baby rolling around in my belly.  How can my baby already feel like he’s this whole other person who is getting more and more independent?  Sniff sniff.  I’m having to stop myself from waking him up from his nap to go cuddle him, although those who are taking care of him in the near future will be happy to know that he is napping.  Finally!

At least the only other girls he’s kissing right now are giraffes named Sophie.

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